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Mag 2003 has gone by and the domestic and European Fixtures in Reading And Barcelona now memories.... Looking Forward to the Christmas meet in Cheltenham and the Possibilty to get balls deep in Ass!

The Season is Underway and tackles are flying in right left and centre
Barcelona was an all out victory. Stunning Performance. We would also like to acknowledge Sarah Jones (or whatever her name is) and friends...any [lewd] photo's available to us???? Your presence awaits us so we can judge you based on your exterior only. Shallow but that's life!!!
There is talk of Stockholm, Prague and a Christmas Fixture in Cheltenham!! And also talk of Bi-Dog getting nuts deep in Keillers bowels.


Magaluf 2002 has gone, Magaluf 2003 has gone and the Reading Festival has also passed YET still there are far too many teens just absolutely gasping for cock. Therefore I feel that is our job as 'crazy guys' to supply those birds with the necessary cock. It's a natural obligation that only we can naturally oblige to offer.

Ethel just cant get enough of his food!

This site was dedicated to majorca however after giving cock to all those birds at the island we have soon realised that there sadly are a number of birds out there who need cock to survive. We have taken it upon ourselves as gentlemen of the world and members of the 'We're all guys' network to provide that charity cock to all those teens across the horizon - Cheltenham and beyond.
It is up to each and everyone one of the squad members on this site to meet their social vocation and hopefully their performances will be reflected firstly in the eyes of teens but more importantly on this sacred 'We're all guys website'. All of the past efforts of the members of this site have been acknowledged and present and future efforts shall be rewarded by the positive publicity that shall be given (with respect to tackles of course!!). 
There has been a massive progression from the start of the three years with which the squad has been together. As time has progressed so have the efficiency and stats of pulling. It's top ace to be a 'We're all guys' squad member at this very time!!!!!!!

The opposition line up

If you are a foreigner to the squad you are probably thinkin 'what the f*?# is this all about?'  Well it's purely about tackling!
We have toured Europe and now the season is focusing on the domesic tours. Majorca and gone and reading has been conquered. Still there a number of cities and thousands of teens ready to be embraced by the legends on this website.

See all the cocks who went on holiday!

The We're all guys website is a no holds barred collection of illness. Pictures are no coming on line and if you don't like them...never mind. The latest updates are here to see and this is the central site to arrange our match fixtures. The glitters are out there and women are crying out to be service so lets meet their needs.
I now stake a claim to update and reveal all so come on you pikes give me all the information. I was watching neighbours today and realised the fities on there are just like the fitties everywhere, you just have to know where to look.
Good luck goes to Ethel on his quests for mingers, good luck goes to the serial tacklers of Top Gun, Big Shot, Jimbo and Battered, Good luck goes to Del Boy aka Fister, Good Luck goes to our new transfer signing 'Para', Good luck goes to Smaegol for being a Gary Wilmot Look-a-like, Good luck goes to Raymond for tackling the whole of WHSmith and good luck goes to Ehakes because he is a legend who may start the competion for success soon, very soon.

No..No.. anyone up for a bit of boy love contact the Seedings manager or if wyou want to leave anything for the group please use the Message board