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Please meet the new recruit 'Stubby'

Name: Stubby (Also known as Jibo, Stubsy and 'that bloke')

Age: 22


Odds for top-scorer: 20-1

Experience:  Sherbourne, Wooton Bassett, Cardiff and Cheltenham

Key Skills: The youngster of the group has shown flashes of just what he can do but everyone is anticipating on his first strike for the team. Has already showed great calmness under pressure by tapping up a sweet teen on work experience at his place of work. Good skills.

Domestic experience: Although massively rural experience in Wilshire and South Gloucestershire we all know that his time in tyhe clubbing mecca of Cardiff may result in some devasting moves on the pitch.

Looks Like: Lee Latchford Evans, dale winton and Gordon Brown

Favourite Interests: Football, 'The Gym (who's the fella)', cricket and young girls

Favourite Sayings: "Amazing"


                            "Do you want tea?"

Most Notable Achievement in Life: When he gets in the teen at work

Home Strip: The eye catcher strips...

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