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Raymond Review
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Raymond Review


A mess

Name: Raymond Review (also known as ScatScot, Scat man and Id-EE-OTT)

Age: 22


Odds for top-scorer: 18-1

Experience:  Reading, Scotland and Cheltenham provide the lush surroundings that has educated this guy into a certan dark horse. Has exploded onto the scene in a similar fashion to Chris Marsden when all of a sudden he becomes an accomplished performer. Gained a man-of-the-match award for his recent brace in Reading.

Key Skills: That Scootish Highland accent and the sexual liberalism will obviously be put to good use.

Domestic experience: Cheltenham, Reading, Scotland and can be found around the nations tennis courts.

Looks Like: Craig Brown, Craig Phillips and Teddy Ruxspin

Favourite Interests: Football, 'Wines, Beers and Spirits' and going to the tennis with his mum.

Favourite Sayings: "Scat"


                             "F'ing ID-io-tt!"

                             "No sun no fun!"

                             "Mate the sitaution is...."

                             "Eat the crisps"

                             "To the bar..."

Most Notable Achievement in Life: Sleeping for 48 consecutive hours and his recent Brace.

Home Strip: Black is the colour

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