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'Fister Boys'

Fister on the Dole

Easy on the Fister Boys

Name: Fister (also known as Fister Boys and Another Level)

Age: 22


Odds for top-scorer: 15-1 from 12-1

Experience: There is no question of this guys experience of similar continental places and therefore this should increase his form within Magaluf. Has attended events in Bath and Cheltenham and is sure to put in an effort-based performance. Has scored Man of the Match performances before and is a good outside bet for the tournament. Definitely the dark horse for the Title.

Key Skills: Has a very unique dancing method that can prove as big a hit but then again can prove as big a disaster. Recently recovered from a year-long absence this guy has propelled back into action like a coiled spring. Very confident in his approach.

Domestic experience: Spells in Cheltenham and Bath has ruled the domestic experience. 

Looks Like: Richard Fairbrass (Right Said Fred), Rick Moranis and John Spencer

Favourite Interests: DIY, Ga-ga-garage and sport

Favourite Sayings:  "Well up for it!"

                             "Easy Now"

                             "Easy Boyz!"

                             "Easy Does"

                             "Cane it"


Most Notable Achievement in Life: Scoring two hundred goals or something at Left-back in Bath!

Home Strip: Versatile

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