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New Scandanavian Import 'Eider'

Buy, Sell, Buy...
Cometh the Iceman

Sold Ice Creams to kids....
...in exchange for secret games with them!

Name: Eider (also known as Leski, 'Paddy' and 'The Milky Bar Kid')

Age: 26


Odds for top-scorer: 19-2

Experience:  Cheltenham, London and Norway.

Key Skills: The Iceman uses the cool calm approach before unleashing a devastating manoevre in which the teens believe he will be their sugar daddy. Has young Icelandic looks and therefore has great access to the teen market.

Domestic experience: A massive Cheltenham veteren but has extensively travelled like the journeyman pro he is.

Looks Like: Patrick Kielty, Eider Gudjonson, Boris Becker and Steven Beale 

Favourite Interests: Football, Teens and hockey

Favourite Sayings: "devestating"

                             "Easy Teen"

                            "ease em in"

Most Notable Achievement in Life: Almost pulling the princess at the Daffodil...

Home Strip: Black is the new Black

Click Here to mail the webmaster about anything you wish to add to the profile or to get in contact with 'Eider'.

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