We're all Guys
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IMPORTANT announcement for GuyGas. Due to his recent improsonment for child rape and Bakery Shoplifting he has been deported to Gloucester. However, if there are any dirty girls who want to succumb to the physical attractions of a serial rapist then get in touch with Robin via the message board. He likes vibo's up his shitter as well. Crazy fun can be had with GuyGas.


Name: GuyGas (also know as the 'grimraper')

Age: 22


Odds for top-scorer: 13-2

Experience:  Plymouth and Kent - a sailor man then?

Key Skills: Confidence and the efficient use of pulling words. No divulging from the objective!

Domestic experience: Canterbury and the war-ravaged city of Plymouth. Hello Sailor....

Looks Like: Greg Alexander from the New Radicals, Danny Mills and Bam Bam Bigelow

Favourite Interests:  Sex and football

Favourite Sayings: Anything to do with sex

Most Notable Achievement in Life: sex

Home Strip: Anything laced with guy gas

Click Here to mail the webmaster about anything you wish to add to the profile or to get in contact with 'GuyGas'.