We're all Guys
Magaluf 2002
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Magaluf 2002 season review

2002 (Threadbare) Sqaud photo

Almost a whole season has ran its course since the 2002 Magaluf championships and now the able and willing participants are gearing themselves up for their assault in 2003. Whilst we don't exactly know what will happen we can cast our minds back to review the previous season and give us an indication of the things to come.
So 2002 was the date and Palma Nova was the location. The squad had just graduated from the YTS scheme in Cheltenham and were ready to use their new found skills on the playing fields of the Balieric's. The Team Line-up consisted of:
Shakes                               We're all guys
Jimbob                               Eurohike
Raymond Review             Niggle
ADB                                    Sub: Top Gun
After arriving at base-camp in the sun, the shirts were off and the reflective grease was straight on the body. The boys of summer were preparing to wow the glitterazi of Magaluf, unsuspecting of the foreign rules of play. The first night was essentially the transition phase whereby the rules of the PR people, pubs, clubs, restaurants and 'Billy-Billy' men were quickly learnt. The action plan was to slowly evaluate the environment and just casually sip the nector in the bars - Bed-time should've been around 1:00am. 8 hours later and we were hammered on an 18 all inclusive BCM special. Premier Battered and the precendent was created.
The second day to the day of departure was essentially a blur. We knew what happened on the European adventure...but we just didn't know what happened on what day. At the end of the seven days all we knew was that:
Shakes: had pissed on his foot to removed poisonous sea crature spines. He then continued to piss on himself as he enjoyed the warming sensation of golden showers.
Jimbob had recovered from a viral infection only to go into an alcohol-fuelled remission which left him in an even worse state.
RaymondReview had lost almost his body weight in body weight. His diet of pepper sauce, chips and ciggarettes with beer to supply the vitamins just didn't work. Additionnally, the holiday was an immearsurable success as the strip bar provided stirring results for this young Scot.
ADB - Battered. A couple goals scored here and there.
We're all Guys thumped home on the last day to secure a cracking last minute win. Other things happened we just don't know what!
Eurohike's adventure was obstructed through predictable injury. Created numourous chances and occasionally just needed better finishing.
Niggle was successful on the pitch and in the proverbial pitch although wage demands and contract negotiations fell through for this season.
Top-gun's mid-season transfer boosted the squad depth and with recent experience is likely to lead the new full season spearheading the attack.

This season has seen some hot transfer activity and whilst we have seen Niggle depart the squad there have been many incoming signings boosting depth. From his loan last year, Top-gun earns a permanent contract. For speed we welcome Fister Boys -  a nippy striker who finishes well from the chances he creates. For experience we welcome GuyGas who boast the most successful CV out of the squad and will add much fight to the attack. And finally 'artehn comes in for his play behind the front two - smooth, silky and clinical when focussed. No doubt this seasons activity will lead to a great number of goal chances and inevitably goals scored.