We're all Guys
Big Shot
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Big Shot

Words of Wisdom (05/12/03)
I just want to get balls deep in toddler bowels!

BigShot does Billy Ray Cyrus

Easy on the B&Q!!!

Name: Big Shot (also known as 'tough Guy')
Age: 22
Experience: Has been to Magaluf last sdeason and performed last minute heroics to secure the top spot. Has been in great form for the last two seasons and takes with him an unrivalled form of confidence. Can have erratic form at times but then everyone has their period of drought. Will look to hit the floor running from last year form and is sure to be up there with the top seeds. Secret Weapon: 'The stamp'.
Key Skills: The charm and the ability to adapt conversation to suit all types of women is a key asset to this 'big guy's' performance in the balearics.Will also be the first on the pitch to demonstrate his intent and has a very confident approach to the field of play.
Domestic experience: Spells in Cheltenham and Canterbury have limited this guy to small town experience so the question is will he cut it in the big league?Well judging by his small town form he should have little problem!
Looks Like:  (Alex Walkinshaw from The Bill), Tom Hanks  and Ruud Van Nistlerooy (and Paul Robinson from Neighbours).
Favourite Interests: Football (Support the 'Girls'), reading, Down the pub 'down the fecking' pub, movies and celebrity. Was very dissappointed not to gain a place on this years Big Brother although he has his eye on securing a place in Estate Managers Weekley.
Favourite Saying:"We're all Guys"
                             "Wrong Ka-Tong"
                             "Look at that bird, amazing"
                             "I'd abouslutley ruin her"
                             "What happening girls/stinkers/teens"
Most Notable Acievement in Life: Junior Mastermind (Kent)
Home Strip: The Black Versace Number or the Black Number
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