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Name: Martehn' (also known as precious and 'Smaegol')

Age: 22


Odds for top-scorer: 15-1

Experience:  Kent and Germany

Key Skills: Dirty Dancing...you mothe.r fu**ing bitch

Domestic experience: Kent - the Works is his club like Southampton was to Le Tissier

Looks Like: Gary Willmott, Zippy and One of the Blazin Squad (Derek?)

Favourite Interests: Magic and wizardry, football, Harry Potter and

Favourite Sayings: "Precious"

                             "Shamone, ehh...OW!"

                             "Reflecting on the day"

                             "Snitz that"

                             "Stand down Captain"


Most Notable Achievement in Life: Winning the Sittingbourne Under 13's dance gymkana (German-Techno division)

Home Strip: Pin stripes make the presence felt with the brown base shoes!

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