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Euro Harker

Euro Harker

Name: 'Ethel' (also known as Cotton, Penpal, EuroHike and Becky)

Age: 21


Odds for top-scorer: 4-1 FAV

Experience:  This guy has graced the Euro fields of gold and has accumulated a very admirable period of form. With spells in Kent (most notable The Works and Snoops), Devon (Spells in Boyz zone) and Cheltenham the experience is all to see. Has that touch of European flair which should be deployed with incredible professionalism.

Key Skills: Multi-Lingal and looks like a Euro-Mongrel...Is he Spanish, French, Viking? Can bust the moves on the dance floor and attract the Slavaks like flies to shit! Good Skills!!!

Domestic experience: Mainly split between Cheltenham and Dover. Has been seconded to the hot-spots like Homelands, Slinky and the (ahem) Dome so has vast experience in this sense!

Looks Like: Gareth Southgate, Trojan (from the Gladiators) and Trond-Egil Solvedt

Favourite Interests: Hard Trance, trance, Swimming and Hiking

Favourite Sayings: "Parlez Vous Francais?"




                           "No Ron no"


                           "Uhh.... uh..."


Most Notable Achievement in Life: Swimming and leg shaving simultaneously!

Home Strip: Euro fashions

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Penpals Package of Delight
The standards are falling...the points are accumulating!

We would like to thank the following people for insight into Ethel's biography:
PIG Girl...er that's it.


What aa amazing BABE!!!!!! Mate, the boundaries have been set. If you want to win the championship they have to include race, gender, disability and plain illness.
So I guess the so called fit Scottish Bird is an incredible exaggeration on the truth eh?