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Name: Battered (also known as Random)

Age: 21


Odds for top-scorer: 13-2

Experience: Also been to Magaluf last season and therefore he has the advantage of knowing the field of play. His skills gained at being loaned out to big events such as homelands, Gods Kitchen, Slinky and the Bridgewater Village Festival has enabled him to firmly cement his place in the upper echelons of the form guide. Has also travelled to Barcelona, St Lucia and ahem Gloucester so he may have the continental flair to aid him on the field of play. No doubt the boy band member of the groups he will try to use his looks (as this is a better asset compared to using his mouth!).

Key Skills: The boy band looks and the energetic, yet unpredictable, dancing is always a hit on the dancefloor. Prone to catching the rays which should aid his marketability during sunlight hours.

Domestic experience: Spells in Cheltenham and Yeovil whilst also secondments around the country should aid this squad member quite well.

Looks Like: Matthew Wright, Josh Harknett and Dan Sullivan (from Eastenders)

Favourite Interests: Likes clubbing. Enough Said.

Favourite Sayings:  "Battered!"

                             "Easy Now"

                             "Stuck in a rut"

                             "Maaate were fucked"                         



Most Notable Achievement in Life: Meeting Judge Jules

Home Strip: Bench or Carhardt

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