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The Magaluf Tournament - Congratulations to the illest bloke in the summer!

Its time for the new seedings and boy have we seen a dramatic change in the structure and dynamism within the squad. Spouts of stunning form coupled with severe drought has seen the tables shake more than someone with Parkinsons in an earthquake. So after a good two months since magaluf and the addition of two new signings the question on everyones lips is just what is the new seedings?

Number 1: Battered. He put himself on a pedastol after magaluf and he has managed to stay there. The acquisition of some fine teens coupled with the exercising of less than fine glitter has meant this lad has accumulated many points. Is the definite tip for Reading yet again.

Number 2: Big Shot. Left Magaluf a near champion but then again near is as close to miles away when it comes to top spot. Has had a steady run of form post magaluf but has worked and re-worked acquisitions from Cheltenham and beyond. Has proved that big city life does not inhibit him by tackling in Brum. Another strong contender for the title.

Number 3: GuyGas. While the cats away and boys will play and if this player can be unleased from his reins then another massive contender for the hotspot will definitely be witnessed. Very strong in the box.

Number 4: Top Gun. A high seed is given to this player because he has had a consistent run of form post magaluf and has proven that he can tackle in any given city. Strong in the box but prefers to play behind the front two.

Number 5: Jimbo. This is definitely the Jason euell of the squad. Is he a striker or an attacking midfielder? Although not a top scorer like van nistelrooy he has incredible bursts and purple patches and is in one at the moment. A very strong outside bet.

Number 6: Raymond Review. Has to be given allowances for playing on home turf and to be fair to the lad has seriously got them in as of late. Should know the faces and know the tricks.

Number 7: Eider. A relatively new recruit to the squad but one that has proven, wherever he has gone, that playing away is no mean hurdle for him. Another good outside bet and has more experience.

Number 8: Ethel. The form is majestic. In Magaluf tere was a drought until the last 48 hours but post magaluf we have witnessed an unprecedented goaless draw at the Works, Canterbury. Still a strong contender but has to improve on his form.

Number 9: Stubby. A new recruit and will go out all guns blazing looking to prove a point. Wants to impress the manager and other players he should be a good bet on first to score

Number 10: Shakes. Well he can pull when he wants to its just that he never wants to. A very Teddy Sheringham player in that he can set people up but if required can notch although the form of the team has been good so his skills has not been needed. Seeded lowly based on current performance and a smal injury doubt for Saturday.

Number 11: Smaegol. "My friends got a broken arm!!" Will upset the form guide, based on magaluf, if he notches but we all know he has it in him.

Number 12: fister. Enough Said. If times are hard he can always buy brass with his small fortune? Can score but will he?