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Seeds June 3rd 2003
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Seeds June 3rd 2003

It's a fortnight since the seedings have been updated but the wind of change has obviously altered the proceedings. From consulting the present form guide, using both results from home and abroad, there a some movers upwards and downwards whilst some convincing performances that also consolidate positions.

Seed #1    Peter 'the Pauper' Warren. Its quality over quantity and this last fortnight has seen the acquaring of the coveted 'goal of the season' award. Much improvement in such a short space of time.

Seed #2   'The continental crooner' James Cotton. His 'goal of the month' contender plus his rich strain of form has consolidated his position up the charts. Great form the 'il cottalinho'.

Seed#3   Alex 'the arbitrary' Broughton: Likened to the Tony Cottee of the dancefloor: if their are any chances around the penalty box they will be finished off with clinical means. With the attacking flair of the Majorcal tactics a high performance proceeds the arrival of this 'flair' player.

Seed#4   Samuel 'the Mummy of Moves' Mummery: Consistent and accomplished in his approach play. When on form he's dangerous, when off form...Is sure to give a good account for himself.

Seed #5   Robin 'the Jackel' James: He takes no prisoners and is consistent when the conditions are right. Should perform well in periods but may have to overcome obstacles if he is to claim the crown.

Seed#6   William James Pitt. This season has seen a recapture of form and an accumulation of 'young player of the month' awards. With his fresh face approach and charm he should score well when the college honeyz pack the bars.

Seed#7   Martehn':Its murder on the dancefloor when this Gary Wilmot wannabe struts the moves and beats the rhythm to demonstrate his mating warcry. As previously said will perform well if the conditions are right.

Seed#8   'Fickle' Fister. A slight drop in score for this feisty character after missing a number of targets and engaging in already marked territory. Exploring is about conquering new territory and not visiting old places...that's what holidays are for! Still, we have seen some venemous form early on in the season and if he wants to he will pull out the stops. Can also attract women with his mating rituals on the dancefloor.

Seed#9   Raymond Review. What a decline from second spot. Has stayed in the same old territory for a massive two weeks now but is very happy with his objectives. Prefers a behind the scenes role and is always on hand to supplement refreshments for the group. A valuable coaching member with his vast experience and nous with the sex industry worldwide.

So come on guys, demonstrate the form and prove to the club that your positions are worthwile...the seeds are dynamic and always changing!

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