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Vet Seeds
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The Veteren Seeds

May I take the opportunity to offer out commendation to James after gaining the best pull of the weekend as Jim confidently took on and bagged a 31 one year old in the locale of Cheltenham with three yes three kids, stunning. Im sure you will all offer Jim your regards on the success.

Jims smash and grab raid on a veteran ranks up there in the senior stakes:

Rankings to the best of my knowledge are:

1. Pete: 42 years old August 2002: location Works Canterbury (Interesting fact: Looked liked a Rat)

2. Pete: 38 years old August 2002: location Works Canterbury

3. Jim: 31 Years old June 2003: Location Time Cheltenham (Interesting fact: Has 3 kids)

4. Sam 30 Years old September 2002: Location Works Canterbury (interesting fact: Primary school

5. Sam 29 Years old July 2002: Location: Banana's Magaluf

6.Ethel: 29 Years old May 2003: Location: Restaurant/club/beach: Majorca (interesting fact cotton fucked and got sucked by this dirty tartan tart).

Other unclassified are:

Rob and Pete pulling bride and bridegroom: location Works July 2003 any vets in that the bride must have been over 25 (interesting fact: the bride to be and her bridesmaid proceeded to get off with each other at robs request)

Ethels Ebony: Did cotton get off this African queen or did my eyes deceive me Location: Bar Med, Cheltenham.

Rob: How old was big ears?

Rob: How old is that bird that worked at Pfizers you bagged last summer?

Sam: Jumbo Butt was pushing 27 (Stone that is)

Pete: That ozzie Teacher was the wrong side of 25

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