We're all Guys
Day Six
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Day Six - The Pilot Meal (- Big Shot)

This night was about love making to a girl who was described by a witch. I thought that it meant that she had a big nose, boils and resembled the popular sidekick to Rod Hull (Known as Grotbags) but it was only because her name resembles a witch!
This night was all about eating. I had literally ten euro's to my name so after tucking into the bread and tomatoes I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu, Lasagne. Thinking that although being cheap I would be full up on this culinary masterpiece I was to be proved wrong. Very wrong.
As I saw all of the trable get their incredibly large sized plates of Chateauxbriand I thought, Ace, food glorious food. Then this dog-bowl like dish was placed in front of me. To be fair enough the bowl would of been suitable for any dog the size of a St. Bernard or above but unfortunately the restaurant still forgot to evolve from the eighties 'Lean Cuisin' period when it was fashionable to have Kiwi Fruit with everything and fancilly carved carrots as garnish's. Not a happy bloke until the last gesture by the restaurant owners came up trumps. It looked as if 'El Greco' had peed in this bottle that had flakey bits of skin and some plants in it, then he put it in the cooler. Not many people were up for this concoction so I consumed the bevarage. I was absolutely hammered and realised I loved the Greasy Greek. So did one of the waiters as well but that was another story which shall not be mentioned any further...
I was, to be fair to the rest of the squad, supplemented with adequate slices of beef and loads of Olives that tased of fanny juice so I was actually full by the end of it. Good stuff lads.
Where we went on from there I do not know. But I think that was the day we made our loan signing, a northern lad from Burnley who was going to go out on his lonesome then ended up with us. Nice little lad and a bit dirty so he fitted about as well as Defoe's loan to Bournemouth two seasons ago. We then went on to BCM and |I got further hammered there. From then I lost everyone but least I almost vomited. I think Keiller was there somewhere but I do remember walking home and chatting to the BCM dancers for ages. Obviously they were well in to me but they didn't meet my standardsso were blown out. May have been suitable for the rest of the guys though!

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