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Seedings June 15th
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Seedings June 15th

And its that time of the month again when the seedings are to be updated based on recent form from around the country. Taking into account previous seeds and present trends within the league tables the official tables are as follows:

Seed #1: Top Gun: We thought it all may be a question of quality over quantity but these last few weeks have demonstrated that this performer can mould his standards to fit the environment. He is the chameleon of the group and has proved that he can merge into either a high intense environment, such as celeb parties, or rough environments such as Time, Cheltenham. He is now the favourite for the crown.

Seed #2: Jimbo: He has risen up the table like a phoenix in the flames. After reviewing the methodology of this squad member it was observed that he gauged the performance of other players and developed on this to increase his level of performance. Usually associated with youth teams, Jimbo has demonstrated that he is more than capable to reel in the vets. Excellent form.

Seed#3: Big Shot: Behind closed doors matches have taken the priority of Big Shot, demonstrating that his has the skill and flair, but it is only used outside of the public domain.

Seed#4: GuyGas: Another riser in this months seedings. Although faced with an injury plaguing the latter stages of the season, he is now in his home environment where he will endeavour to clock up the points before departure.

Seed#5: Smaegol: The line if theyre good enough and fall within my threshold of acceptance they will be pulled has set the tone for this smooth groover to rake in the points. Blessed with chique and a whole host of cross continental chat-up lines. Has lost points on the basis that he may wear US high school sport socks with sandals.

Seed#6: Ethel: Ethel has sunk down the tables faster than a Psamiad in a slurry pit. His confidence, although high, is waning after he prioritised a cycle ride (in Gay Brighton) over a night of stinkers. Poor performance!

Seed#7: Battered! His odds have lengthened after his blood pressure scare has almost ruled him out of important confidence juice essential in the run up to important matches. Battered may be like John Barnes lost without his lucozade.

Seed#8: Fister: Mystery surrounds the prospects of this guy after apparently aggravating a previous injury. Has gone AWOL so we cannot gauge his odds. Was in the top three before disappearing.

Seed#9: Shakes: The battle of the basement is proving hotly contested and, on current form, shakes has emerged ahead. Proved his adaptability to climates by confronting a fag haven although no guy gapers emerged from the visit. Has stressed that he will bag at least two hags on the trip.

Seed#10: Raymod Review has sunk from his early second spot. Has this annoying injury that cannot be shaken off and has earned his Darren Anderton like reputation for being good when on form, but never playing.

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