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Explaining Economic Geography
E-Commerce and Eco-developments

Current information and issues in post-2000 Economic Geography

Information economies and e-commerce has drastically changed they way we look at economic geography. If you think back to the beginning of this site economic geography was about the study of economics in a spatial context however, as space and place becomes less significant to internet based industry the definition of what is economic geography becomes under scrutiny.

Economic geography has undorgone a revolution over the last couple of years, mirroring the technological advancements that have been made such as internet and satellite communication. Within economic geography now there are key subjects that would necessarily be of as much significance just ten years ago. These are facets such as:
  • E-commerce and internet transactions
  • Differentiation and restructuring of the service economy
  • The breakdown of physical boundaries within the world economy in terms of international corporate alliances (EU), collaboration and teamwork at all levels, ICT, phone transactions etc.
  • Changes in the nature of jobs and work
  • Urban-Rural differentiation in economies and the evolution of urban-rural industry

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